Has Netflix met its match?

Ever since Disney released their very own streaming service I've been hopelessly addicted to it but I can't be the only one. As of last year, Disney+ had roughly 10 million subscribers. I can't be the only one who needs to binge every day.

I was pretty fixed on some Netflix shows but once Disney came out I've been stuck. I'm not really the biggest Disney fan but I'm loving the old shows that they are pulling out of vault. I'm sad to say that my days now consist of classic X-Men and Spider-Man cartoons.It's like I can relive my Saturday mornings in front of the television every single day.

My girlfriend discovered Boy Meets World and then it was over.

With over 10 million subscribers I can't be the only one who may be spending a little too much time going down memory lane.

Who else is loving the nostalgia?

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