Got a big date coming up? If you're planning on eating in front of that potential mate, here are a few things you should avoid, at least until you're comfortable with the other person.

Several first dates began with dinner and conversation, and we all know meeting someone for the first time is stressful enough, now you have to eat in front of them.

So here are a few food types you should probably refrain from ordering:


  1.  Fish (Better off with Salmon) Fish with a strong fishy odor is a turn off, many people do not like the strong smell of fish
  2.  Spaghetti, some people can eat spaghetti in a neat fashion, oh who am my fooling, you have to slurp it into your mouth, also watch the soup for the same reasons ‘
  3.  Be Careful of very spicy foods that could wreak havoc with your digestive track.
  4.   Hot Wings or anything with BBQ Sauce, wiping sauce of your face while trying to get to know someone is not very attractive.
  5.  Seafoods like Lobster and Crab, all that cracking and gnawing, not to mention that ridiculous bib
  6.  A Big Burger, sloppy and messy, not glamorous, maybe a slider or a melt.
  7.  Chili or greasy foods give you gas especially cabbage broccoli asparagus, and you don’t need a deal breaker this early in the game.

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