The common misconception is that eating healthier is more expensive than grabbing McDonald’s on the way home from work. The truth is buying fresh food and produce is going to be more expensive than the quick processed stuff, but there are ways to curve your spending.

Let me first say, I am not health expert. I’ve had my share of failed diets and struggle with weight. I have always been “the big guy” and in high school that was fine, I used my weight for wrestling and football. Now that I’m in my late 20’s, which is terrifying in itself, my high school glory days are over. Recently, I decided to shed a few pounds and just start eating healthier.

Aldi has been my life saver. I have loved this store since first discovering it a few years ago, and now it’s becoming more and more popular. Aldi is a discount grocery store that carries lesser known brands, and sometimes can mix in some major label things. Their produce is extremely cheap and actually delicious. I swear by their strawberries.

I have recently been using balsamic vinaigrette, strawberries, red onion, and spinach to make small salads. I can usually make this for under $3-$4 a serving, which is amazing. Aldi also amazing priced chicken sausages and ground turkey, both of which have become a part of my routine.

I have also started meal prepping once again. As a lot of you know I went ahead and tried to make my own spiedies for the first time. It was a success! Thanks to all of you who reached out and helped me cook them.

I made about 6-7 chicken breasts worth and it lasted me an entire week, it also kept me on track from grabbing something quick and unhealthy on my walk home. Knowing I had food at home already saved me cash and buying the chicken in bulk also saved my wallet from taking a hit.

My next goal is to try and find some local farmers markets. Not only is the produce they have fresh and local, but it is usually moderately priced. I also love supporting local business and talking with the people who grow my food.

Again, thanks to everyone who reached out and kept me on track the last few weeks of trying to cut out bread, pasta, sugar, and cheese. I love your emails!

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