Do you remember the days when Sundays were for church, rest and relaxation? When stores closed their doors for the day and families spent the day together? Stores would close on holidays like Easter, so that their employees could celebrate with their families.

Wow, that feels like a distant memory now. Those same stores stay open on holidays as our world has becomes a 24/7 society. For many of us, Easter Sunday holds a special place in our hearts.

It's a time for family to be together for church, and remember the significance of the resurrection of Jesus. For people who work in retail, that can be a difficult challenge in the all-day, all-night, all the time world.

That's why the news of 13 stores in Broome County closing their doors on Easter Sunday comes as a welcome surprise. These businesses have made the decision to put their employees first and let them celebrate the risen King without the stress of work..

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In a world where the pace of life flies by like a blur and more people having no religious affiliation, it's fantastic that businesses are acknowledging the importance of Easter Sunday.

By choosing to close on Easter Sunday, these stores are sending a message that our world needs to hear. After all, if Chick-fil-A can take EVERY Sunday off and still survive and thrive, I'm sure these businesses will do just fine as well...if not better.

As Easter approaches, let's applaud these chain stores in Broome County that are taking a stand for what matters most and showing that sometimes, it's okay to hit pause on life. After all, money can be replaced, time cannot

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