I never considered myself a disciplined or especially patient shopper but a smart shopper I am.  It may be from all the years of watching my Mom going on the day after Christmas to get as much wrapping paper and bows to fill her holiday shelves.  I never understood it back when I was a little tyke, but the older I got, I certainly can see what she was up to.

September is a good month to purchase items you may need to possibly replace in the coming months or even next year.  Here are some items I've seen drastically reduced at local retail stores in the Greater Binghamton area, such as Sears, Target, Macy's and K-Mart:

  • Gas Grills - If your gas grill is on it's last legs, now is the time to consider a new one at prices that you will not find next spring.  I saw a big name grill the other day for 80% off. Don't have the cash right now?  Layaway is sometimes an option at these stores, even with these deep discounted prices.
  • Patio Furniture - I bought an outdoor wicker furniture set that was over $300 off or 85% off.  My deck will thank me next year.
  • Big Screen TV's - Electronic stores are almost giving last year's models away as they are getting ready for the new stock that will be coming in before the busy holiday season.
  • iPhones and iWatch - If you're thinking about upgrading, now is the time to get that iPhone 5 or 6S before the iPhone 7 and new iWatch officially hit the market.
  • Seasonal Clothes - I have a friend who does their holiday shopping now and buys summer clothes at 80 to 90% off as retailers are moving these big buys to the back of the store to make room for cold weather clothes that will dominate the front of the stores. For additional savings, check out the store circular for additional savings. It's quite possible you could get a shirt or a pair of pants for a couple of dollars right now.

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