Every year I wrestle with myself when to turn the heat on in the house.  It's not that I'm that cheap, it's just the principle of it.  Why should you have to turn the heat on any sooner than you need to.  Then again, everyone has the right to be comfortable. Halloween is my goal again this year.  We'll see.

Living in the country, I am not able to have gas so oil heat is my source.  While there are many fine places to get your fuel oil, I suggest you shop around for the best price.  The Greater Binghamton area has many options, don't limit your decision to just the Southern Tier; also check outside the Binghamton area when you are shopping to see if you are in the company's delivery area.

I have found prices to vary greatly from one company to the next.  Hey, it's all the same oil, so why not get the best price.  You should also know that the price changes from day-to-day.  Unless you lock the price in for the season, usually the price you pay is the price of the day of delivery. Some companies offer additional discounts if you order on line.

You must also take in to consideration, good and reliable customer service.  Ask yourself, is this company dependable?  Ask around to see what your friends and co-workers are saying.  Check your options for the best price but also read customer reviews on line.

I suggest you add an oil conditioner to your tank before fill-up.  I pick mine up at a local hardware store and leave it with a note for the driver.

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