You really don't know who to believe.  Gas prices traditionally creek up like a bad pair of underwear as the warm weather travel season begins.  Then I hear on the news that gas prices will be dropping but they seem to be increasing here in the Greater Binghamton area.

Remember when filling up across the border in Pennsylvania was always cheaper?  Then that changed last summer when they just slapped with taxing their gas just like New York State.  Frustrating.

Here's how you can save money this summer on your weekly fillups:

  • Fill up early week and try to stay away from filling up on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, when they are usually the highest.
  • The best time to fill your tank is Wednesday or Thursday morning before 10am.
  • Gas prices usually go down on Tuesday night.
  • Most gas station owners raise their prices pm Thursday before the travel weekend.

[via First for Women magazine 7/18/16]

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