I try to be frugal when I go grocery shopping and try not to by unnecessary things. But I do always walk away with some form of an oatmeal cream pie, they are just so delicious. My favorite grocery store has to be Aldi, and since I’m only shopping for myself I usually can stay within my budget.

People always say never go shopping when you are hungry because the likelihood of you buying that extra bag of cheese or fifth bag of potato chips increases. Now according to You Beauty, grocery shopping while being sleepy can be equally as taxing on your wallet and your health.

It was a pretty simple study, researchers gave some sleepy adults $50 and said go buy as much food as you can. They then sent the same adults, now well rested and ready to go, back to the store with the same assignment.

The sleepy adults wound up buying more food and more high-calorie snacks than when they were well rested. The researchers decided that when we are sleep deprived we are much more impulsive buyers.

I am always so tempted to buy those beef jerky snacks or candy bars at the cashier. I would say it’s a fault of mine. Now I know that I should definitely have that second cup of coffee before shopping for my weekly groceries, or just actually go to bed early for once!

[via You Beauty]

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