I was grocery shopping at Aldi in Vestal this week and literally was stopped in my tracks when I turned my cart down the lane and almost ran into a wall of alcohol! Where did that come from?

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One of my friends has been telling me for a long time that she loves Aldi wine and seltzers but can only get them when she or someone she (or someone she knows) goes to Aldi stores in the South because they only sell them there.

Well, not anymore! That's right, Aldi has started to sell alcohol in some of their Upstate New York stores and those who have tried it say that it's really tasty and inexpensive.

What is really nice about this is that now you can get everything you need in one place without having to go to another store to get the drinks you need to serve for dinner. Groceries and drinks at affordable prices in one place sounds like a win to me.

Is Alcohol Sold In New York Aldi Stores?

Now, I know what you're thinking, which Aldi stores in New York are selling alcohol? Well, as of now, not all Aldi locations in New York are offering alcohol. However, the company will most likely expand its alcohol sales to more and more stores as time goes on. So, keep an eye out for and check with your local Aldi to see if they've joined the party yet.

Also keep in mind that Aldi won't let you buy alcohol from them if you aren't legal drinking age. Please remember to drink responsibly and whatever you do, do not drink and drive!

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