If you're all about using whatever you can to save a couple of bucks at the register, know that there is now one thing that you won't be able to use the next time that you shop at Walmart.

According to Coupons in the News, Walmart made some pretty big changes to its coupon policy which impacts how shoppers can save money and it's something that coupon enthusiasts and bargain hunters in New York have mixed feelings about.

One notable change in the new Walmart policy is the elimination of "overage" and "overrides." In the past, shoppers could use multiple coupons to exceed the value of an item, resulting in the remaining value being applied to the rest of their purchase. This is no longer allowed to discourage coupon misuse and prevent shelf-clearing.

The new policy also introduced a "no override" provision, which prevents cashiers from manually overriding coupons that don't scan correctly. The purpose is to make sure that only valid and known coupons are accepted, some shoppers aren't very happy about it, claiming that they've tried to use legitimate coupons but they kept being rejected when they shouldn't have.

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Additionally, Walmart's new policy explicitly states that using a UPC-A coupon is a big no-no and that they will no longer be accepted. These are the old-style codes and they have been phased out and replaced with the newer and longer GS1 barcodes.

So, if you're a hoarder of manufacturer coupons and have any without expiration dates that are the UPC-A type, you will no longer be able to use these coupons at Walmart.

On the other hand, there is one tweak in the policy that benefits customers. When returning items purchased using manufacturer coupons, Walmart now guarantees that customers will receive the full value of the product back, including the value of the coupon used.

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