I'm a mom. And I'm tired. This is not a complaint about being a mom. This is not me wishing I weren't a mom. This is just a woman who's tired admitting that I am.

I've been running in so many circles lately that by the time I crawl into bed, I'm finding it nearly impossible to shut off my brain and get the sleep that I need to function. One of my closest friends is a nurse and I was pouring my heart out to her about how run down I've been feeling and she suggested that I make it a top priority to find a solution to my zombie-like daytime personality because not only is my lack of sleep dangerous for me, it's not been so fun for those close to me because I've been extra snippy lately.

I'm still not doing too great with getting actual sleep and I know that something has to give, but those close to me say that I'm doing much better at handling myself during the day. I have Everyday Health to thank for several of the suggestions they offer on how to survive the day following a sleepless night. I've put a couple of their suggestions into practice and while I'm still tired, I'm not dragging as much and my being snippy with people seems to have also tapered off.

Will these tips work for you? I don't know, but it can't hurt to try- especially if you've reached the point of desperation.

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    Drink Water

    The first thing I think of when I wake up in the morning is, "coffee. I need coffee." However, a glass of water is really one of the best things for your body when it's tired. Water will keep you hydrated and you shouldn't just drink a cold glass of water when you wake up, but you should try to drink water through the day.

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    Go For a Walk

    I get it, trust me, I do. Going for a walk when you have to be at work before the sun even wakes up is really tough (not to mention not super safe), but I've made it a habit to try to briskly walk the halls at work, going up and down the stairs, and I've noticed that moving around has definitely perked me up.

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    Eat Breakfast

    I'm the biggest offender when it comes to eating breakfast. I've never liked to eat breakfast, but my husband made breakfast for dinner for him and our son and there were leftovers, so yesterday morning I made an effort to eat and while breakfast still isn't my favorite meal of the day, I did notice that I wasn't starving at 10am when I usually am.

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    Take a Power Nap

    I think it would be amazing if we were able to take little naps at work. I mean, countries like Italy, Mexico, and, Ecuador do! Most American employers would absolutely frown on work naps, though. At past places of employment, I was known to shut the door to my office, unplug my phone and set an alarm for 20 minutes, then lay my head on my desk and catch a power nap. I'm convinced it's called a power nap because it's true- just 20 minutes of sleep gives this amazing surge of power and energy that was drained before.

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    Have Some Caffeine

    This has seriously been my lifeline. If you drink caffeine regularly, you don't want to start chugging it because you'll get the jitters, but if you are a lover of caffeine, allow yourself an extra cup or two of coffee and see if it helps- it does for me!

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    Take a Cold Shower

    I'm not a fan of cold showers, but I've learned the value of one. If I didn't get a good sleep but hop in a cold shower, my body is jolted to attention and power surges through my veins.

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