If you're bound and determined to get into shape, but feel like exercise alone isn't doing the trick, the answer to your problems might lie in something as simple as a drink.

Scientists at Nestle say they're working on a drink that they believe will one day eliminate the need for exercise. Apparently this magical drink will burn fat and boost metabolism.

I don't know about you, but I'm not placing any bets that I'll see this during my lifetime, but you have to admit that it would be kind of cool to eat whatever you want at Christmas and to do so guilt free because science created a drink to boost metabolism and burn off stuffing and gravy.

While you continue to wait for that magic drink and keep faithfully plugging along with your exercise routine, why not grab some friends and have some fun? Our Hot Cross Run is coming to Binghamton on Saturday, June 18th and will feature a 15 minute Hot Yoga session, 15 minute Crossfit routine, and a two-mile run all while benefiting the Southern Tier AIDS Program!

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