Earlier this week, Traci and I were talking about the couple that almost lost their million dollar winning lottery ticket when they put it in a trash bag for safe keeping. That prompted a on-air conversation about things that we lost and how we found them.  Well my daughter, Tara, helped find my missing cell phone.

Tara wants to be a detective when she grows up. That's why she bought a authentic doctor's stethoscope at a recent yard sale. This is her first official case.

Tara started by identifying the victim (that would be me). Clues were listed and a suspect (Mommy) was named. She searched all over the upstairs, but she came up empty handed. Tara had to expand her search...

Tara moved downstairs where she checked around the fireplace (where I usually charge my phone), on the porch and even in the garage, but nothing.  So the search was expanded and wouldn't you know?  Tara found my cell phone in the last place I would have thought to look.  Between the comics that were folded up on the bathroom sink.  Now how did it end up there? I swear I wasn't reading in the bathroom!

When asked later about the case of "The Misplaced Cell Phone" Tara said: "it makes no sense to me but that's my Dad."

Case closed...good work Detective Pitcher.