It's Good News Monday.

My Good News from the weekend is that I got a new chair (new chair to me.)  Tara and I stopped at a yard sale in Hillcrest on Saturday. I saw this comfortable recliner for 20 bucks. I'm known for always paying the price that is on the item. I even pay a quarter when I'm offered things for free.

I told the wife that I was able to save 5 bucks on a chair and that I mentally talked them down.  She asked how I did that?  All I did was offer them 20 instead of 25 dollars in my mind and they took it.  The truth is, they dropped the price from 25 on Friday to 20 on Saturday.  So mentally, I saved 5 dollars. As you can see, I've put the new recliner to good use.  I call this my action shot.

Tara got a real doctor's stethoscope for a quarter.  The woman at the sale asked if she wanted to be a doctor or a nurse, when she grew up. She said "No, I want to be a detective." She's been trying to listen through walls all weekend.

She's also been trying to find my heartbeat for the last couple of days.  Someone suggested that she put it on my derriere. Many people laughed, I'm not sure why.  I also saved us 75 cents with my mental dickering.

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