I Don’t Hate the Snow
Hearing snow in the forecast reminds me of the days of hoping for a day off, but now the traffic and slush has ruined the fun.
Skip the Salon, Get a Dog
Pets provide more than just constant love and affection, they provide a whole bunch of health benefits. Studies have shown that furry friends can help us prevent depression and delay anxiety. Pets even make us more social, and better looking?!
Jay Talks with WWE Superstar Bayley [WATCH]
WWE Superstar Bayley called 98.1 The Hawk and I had the privilege of talking with her. We covered topics like the explosion of women's wrestling, what it's like to attend a WWE Live event, and her strategy entering the first ever Women's Royal Rumble. We also reminisced about our chil…
Snowstorm Delights
The bitter cold months are here and even though the little rodent has a few weeks before we get his prediction, we won’t be swimming and biking anytime soon.

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