Jay Talks with WWE Superstar Bayley [WATCH]
WWE Superstar Bayley called 98.1 The Hawk and I had the privilege of talking with her. We covered topics like the explosion of women's wrestling, what it's like to attend a WWE Live event, and her strategy entering the first ever Women's Royal Rumble. We also reminisced about our chil…
Snowstorm Delights
The bitter cold months are here and even though the little rodent has a few weeks before we get his prediction, we won’t be swimming and biking anytime soon.
Jay's Monday Jams
Guitars, guitars, guitars all week long. Time to get you through the work day with my jams of the week.
How to Prevent Dry Skin from the Cold
With the temperatures dropping again, its time to prepare myself for the inevitable. The temps go down and my dry skin goes up. I did find some interesting and different ways to combat the itchiness.
It's Manwatcher's Week
The 2nd full week of January is Manwatcher's Week. Here's a little help for the men from a man that doesn't get watched. I can't tell you what to do but I can tell you what not to do.
Why You Should Touch Your Toes When You Wake Up
You wake up in the morning. Check your phone, let out a sigh, and then do that weird full body wake up stretch. That stretch shouldn’t stop there however. You should dedicate a little time before your morning coffee to loosen up!

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