I've lost a lot of things. There was the time I lost the pot roast that I thought I put in the ridge.  It turned up in my Tupperware cabinet.  Or the time I did laundry and couldn't find my favorite jean skirt.  I found it in the freezer.  But I've never lost something and found it and won a million bucks, but this really did happen to a couple in Massachusetts.

Joseph Zagami and his wife spent $5 on a lottery ticket from a grocery store vending machine and when they scratched it off, they realized they’d won a million bucks, but instead of holding onto their million dollar scratch off with a death grip, they put it on a shopping bag (because that makes as much sense as a skirt in the freezer).

When the couple went to take their scratch off to the lottery office, they realized that they didn’t know where it was and I’m guessing completely freaked out.  Then they remembered the shopping bag and dug through the garbage until they found it.  Whew!

The couple had the option to claim the prize at $50,000 a year for 20 years, but instead they decided to take the one time lump sum payment of $650,000.  After taxes, Jospeh and his wife were handed a check for $455,000.

I’m guessing you’ve never lost and then found a lottery ticket that ended up being worth a million bucks, but I’m curious what you’ve lost and then found.  Jewelry?  Your glasses?  Cell phone?  Or maybe pot roast in your Tupperware cabinet?

Listen to what Hawk listeners say they lost and then found and be sure to leave a comment below with your story!