It’s Christmas Tree Week
The first full week of December is "Christmas Tree" week. In honor of the occasion, we give you the differences between a Christmas tree and a least the ones we can mention here.
What is Your ‘Elf’ Trying to Tell You
The Elf on the Shelf can't talk but what if they could? What would they say? Here's what I think. What do they call it when an Elf on the Shelf takes a picture of herself? Find out here.
Secrets Of The Mall Santa
If you've been to the mall then you've seen the 'mall Santa.' Here are some things that you might not know about them.
Winning the Week
Do something great on Sunday and I guarantee your week will be better! Like watching a winning team.
Weird Family and Holiday Traditions
We all have some quirky things we do around the holidays, they come with the territory. I opened up the phones the other day asking you for some weird or unusual traditions you have, and I was impressed.

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