William Shatner Turns 87 Today
Happy 87th birthday to Star Trek's first Captain. William Shatner. Contrary to reports, he's not dead, FAKE NEWS!! How do you know if Star Trek has taken over your life? Here are the signs.
National Proposal Day
Spring and National Proposal Day fall on the same day because "hope springs eternal." Your man wants to propose but you want more time. Here are ways that can help and it doesn't take much.
Crafting the Perfect St. Paddy’s Day Outfit
St. Patrick’s Day is on its way this weekend. It’s a day full of fun, a boatload of Irish music, traditional food, and green beer. It’s a day to show off your Irish heritage or have fun pretending you have some. It’s also a day where the perfect outfit can make or break y…
Pi Day and Pi Day Jokes
Today is March 14th or as it's known, Pi Day. It's the annual celebration commemorating the mathematical constant pi, 3.141592653 etc. and I have Pi jokes to celebrate the occasion.
Nearly Famous Irishmen
Parade Day is Saturday. The most common question that I'm asked is "Why is it two weeks before St. Patrick's Day?" Find out here. Also in honor of the parade, I present nearly famous Irishmen. Hint, all their names begin with 'O'.
Things We Should Do Every Day
As I get older, I realize that there is more time behind me then ahead of me. Here's some things that is recommended we
do everyday...and my thoughts about it.

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