Spring has just sprung. We are now beginning to see the outdoors coming to life. Summer is just under three months away, and you may be thinking about summer vacation plans. Fall is too far away to think about, and frankly, who wants to anyway?

And then there's Halloween. We are just under seven months away from this non-holiday that seems to get more popular every year. You have noticed the many decorated homes each season in your neighborhood, right?

But, who is thinking about Halloween, as we are just getting out of the winter blues? Well, at least one national chain store is, and I can imagine many others are doing just the same.

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A couple of weeks ago, Home Depot posted on Instagram, a photo of two Halloween items that they have already set for Halloween sales. The post with a photo of a very large selection and companion dog, notes: "Skelly will be back this Halloween season along with a new companion..."

My first thought was that we don't need to think about Halloween so soon, and why are they getting prepared for Halloween so soon? Then, of course, it hit me that retail needs to plan out months in advance of major holidays and events. It's never too soon to plan ahead. We do the same in the radio business as well.

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I just don't want to think about Halloween, since it occurs after summer has long faded away, the final campfire of the camping season has been extinguished, and our good friend 'winter' is about to knock on the door. Well, knock the door over, most probably.

Check out the Home Depot Instagram post below. Happy Halloween. Just seven months and counting.

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