It's okay to say it, this situation we're going through kinda sucks. But, maybe staying home really isn't that bad.

Everybody is feeling the same, we feel bored, we feel trapped, and every week seems like a really long day. Being stuck here for so long, at first, seemed like it was going to be torture. But, further thought presents some positives to the situation as well.

For starters, we've saved a bunch of money. Every week, we were always going out to eat, take-out, fast-food, you get the point. Since we've been home, we're only spending money on groceries, and our normal bills. I'll admit, we have been ordering more things online, but that's irrelevant.

Secondly, in my opinion our family has never been closer. Yes, being trapped in a house with kids can have its moments, but getting all this extra quality time with the kids is really great. More home-cooked meals, more games, more fun.

This one could go either way, depending on the people involved. A situation like this can be very hard on your relationship with your spouse or partner. All this time together could push you away from each other or bring you closer together. For me, it's brought us closer, which is kinda nice, I have to admit.

So, embrace your time at home time and cherish the memories you're making with your family. We've been given an opportunity to slow down and enjoy the little things, take advantage.

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