I don't know about you but I cringe when I hear politicians start talking about the "new normal." It seems like we are going to have less. Less freedom, less peace of mind, and less money. If they were honest they would call it the "less normal."

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But then I got thinking about "normal." Think about the person you're dating or married too. When you first meet them, they seemed normal, then you got to know them. Think about your normal life before the coronavirus pandemic.

Were you depressed/anxious before COVID-19? Why do you want to go back to that? What was normal is old and what was weird is working now. Nothing is normal about what's going on now.

You were complaining about your job and your co-workers. Now you would love to be at work looking at the pictures of their cats. You used to disagree with your child's teacher but now you'll never complain about them again, just as long as you don't have to do it.

You don't know what you have until you don't have it anymore. Real life doesn't feel normal.  You thought it was normal because that's what you know and it was familiar.

.When you're afraid, you reach for what's familiar (normal)...even if familiar puts you in the ditch. You don't want familiar, you want freedom.

I have an idea: Instead of going back to normal, let's look forward to normal. Try something that doesn't feel normal. Have faith because there is nothing normal about that.

Faith wasn't meant to be normal. You've tried it your way and how has that turned for you? Will you be worse off by trying it? If you like it then keep it...and it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

My final word to you is "Have faith, enjoy your new normal, and "LIVE!"

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