From almost the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, we heard the phrase "new normal." With every passing day, the new normal sounds a little scary. We now have Red, Orange, and Yellow Zones along with businesses and restaurants having to close because they were a COVID-19 exposure point.

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To many, "new normal" should be changed to "less normal" because it feels like we have less freedom, less money and, less peace of mind." But what is normal?

Think about the person that you're dating or married to. When you first meet, they seemed normal, then you got to know them...less normal. In the old normal, you might have complained about the job your child's teacher was doing. In the new normal, you'll never disagree with them again.

We took normal for granted until it wasn't normal any longer. My daughter, Tara told me that she didn't realize everything that she had until it was gone. We were talking about going to the Binghamton Devils games and hosting Chuck-a-Puck on the ice.

It was normal and it was taken for granted. Tara told me that she won't do that again and can't wait to go back (and bring some friends with her) to the Visions Federal Credit Union Veterans Memorial Arena. I can't wait either.

I know during our new normal, I've done many things that I wouldn't have had the chance to do during the old normal. For that, I'm extremely grateful and wouldn't trade those memories.

We keep looking back to normal and maybe it's time to look forward and get through our current normal and make of the best of it. One thing that I've learned during this pandemic is to enjoy whatever our normal is and "LIVE."

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