We are about a week away from the one-year anniversary of the coronavirus pandemic. There has been some good news lately with movie theaters opening up and increased indoor capacity for restaurants in our area.

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It looks like we may be able to plan for the future and take trips outside of New York without having to quarantine. However, I feel like people are still feeling burned out and would love to go back to 2019 normal.

The Coronavirus Pandemic One Year Later

I think we are going to have to accept that it's going to be a different kind of normal when this is behind us...whenever that may be. We need to have faith that things will change but what does that mean?

It was explained to me this way and I couldn't wait to pass this nugget of knowledge along to you. If you are in an airplane and getting ready to jump out for a skydive, do you check your parachute?

I'm guessing that you would and it's not a lack of faith to check the parachute. Where lack of faith comes in, is after you check the parachute, you still don't jump. If you are terrified but still jump then it's faith.

What To Do Next

We need to have that kind of faith to move forward in 2021. Yes, it's still a little scary but we can't be isolated from our friends all the time and be stuck in our homes. If you stay in place, it'll wear you out and lead to anxiety.

Don't dip your toe, jump right in and live again. Believe me, I know, I've been dipping my toe for way too long. However, that will have to be another story for another time.

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