Just when things seem to be getting brighter and we think that we're seeing the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. The bright light becomes a train in the tunnel and it's coming toward us. It's time for a change and the butterfly can help us. How? The answer at the end.

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We keep hoping for the best but it seems like we are getting the worst. I recently did a story on the "new normal" and trying to look forward instead of back when the coronavirus pandemic is behind us.

It has to do with change. Ask anyone that knows me, I'm not very good with change, routine is more my thing. When change was forced upon us in March, who would have thought that we would be here in October?

Instead of holding on to the past, maybe the best thing that we can do is to let go. I'm not talking about responsibility but to let go of what we can't control in the first place.  Maybe it needs to be set free because we don't need it in the first place.

Think about all the negative thinking that surrounds us. Where has it gotten us? Nowhere fast except for anxiety, sleepless night, and high blood pressure. You stay with negative thoughts, you'll die with negative thoughts...and that's no way to live.

You'll find that when you change your thinking, you'll change you. Okay, what does the butterfly have to do with change? It used to be a caterpillar but after it was forced to change, it became a more beautiful thing.

What are you going to change today?

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