Most of us continue to be stressed out instead of letting the stress out because of the coronavirus pandemic. Cases have been going up in Broome County and Binghamton has been put in the COVID-19 "Yellow Zone."

Parents are feeling anxious because more schools are going to full-remote learning. Our two weeks to flatten the curve has gone on for over six months and it feels like it may never end.

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It feels like we are making progress and then BAM, Governor Cuomo talks about shutting down business activity in New York State hotspots. We feel like we've been patient but we are an instant gratification society.

In 2020, we would be happy with any gratification at all and feel like we are getting closer to the end. Here's one thing that I've been doing and that is to write things down in a journal...and not on Facebook.

The nice thing about keeping it off Facebook is that I can write about anything I want and not worry about how other people will react. Let's face it, some people have been BRUTAL with their righteous responses.

I've been writing down the price of gas, items that you can't find at grocery stores, and even my weird dreams...I'm not the only one that's having those right? I have made writing it down a part of my routine.

Remember that this will come to an end, we'll get through it, and most importantly, DON'T STOP ON SIX!


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