Are you feeling stressed out? The upcoming election has both sides of the aisle feeling it. I know more than one parent that is stressing about their kid as they try to learn at school on one day then virtually at home on the next. That has been hard for everyone.

You're feeling STRESSED-OUT but would rather have the stress out, here's a suggestion. Stop following the national news and just check it then TURN IT OFF! That's one way to go from STRESSED-OUT to stress out in a hurry.

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Here are some of the STRESSED-OUT signs:

You "zone out" when you stress out and you have trouble concentrating.  You ask someone a question then you don't remember their reply. You have a conversation and a half-hour later, you can't remember what you talked about at all.

Your stress has you snapping at the small stuff.  Things that you never gave a second thought, is now the only thing that's on your mind.

Your stress is making you super-sensitive to noise. You start to hear every car that is driving by your house or the downstairs clock that you've had for years is suddenly "tick-tocking" LOUDER THAN EVER!

Your stress stops you from sitting still. You try to take a moment for yourself but it's only a moment then your mind starts racing.

How many things did you check off? Here's another important question. Do you know someone that seems to be showing these stress signs? Let them know they are not alone. Here's another way to help deal with stress. Let them know you are there, after all, we were not created to do life alone.

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