In New York, 30% of employees say they're stressed out and over half say they've had to miss a day of work because of the stress.

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We are spending more and more time in front of our screens and that really adds to the  stress. The longer that we sit in front of our screens, the more we notice things like a stiff neck, sore shoulders and eye strain. Being in front of a screen is a fact of life, but there has to be something we can do about it, right?

Yoga instructor Jacquelyn Umof, has come up with an idea she says will help New Yorkers who are stressed. It's "office yoga" and she says it'll help release the tension we're all feeling. Jacquelyn says that doing desk yoga will  help work out the kinks in our necks and leave us energized and motivated at work. Here's what she suggests.

How To Release Tension In Your Neck

Inhale and twist your head to one side. Look over your shoulder and gaze in the same direction as your nose.

Exhale...Hold it for one second...Twist to the other side...Look over your shoulder...Keep your gaze in the same direction as your nose.

Do this ten times.

Jacquelyn says that you should do the same breathing technique while tipping your head forward and back. Inhale and slowly look all the way up while opening your throat. Then, hold it for a second, exhale while looking down and tuck your chin.

Since we can't change the fact that we have to look at screens all day, it can't hurt to give office yoga a try. I'm trying it and I hope you will too. See if it will help release some of our stress and tension! Let me know how it works for you and any other suggestions that you have.

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