For pretty much forever, people have been searching for a magic weight loss pill that will zap away fat and help shed weight virtually instantly, and while there have been lots of diet pills that have advertised to be instant fat burners, they've pretty much all come with some kind of catch and a final result that wasn't exactly what the user wanted.

Until now...well, maybe.

Some researchers have developed a weight loss pill that they claim fights off fat and isn't fill with chemicals or anything else dangerous to the health of the user.

Once swallowed, this pill turns into a balloon inside the stomach, which fill up the stomach and helps to curb the appetite and which in turn helps the person who ingested it eat less and drop weight.

The balloon is called Obalon and actually helped obese people lose nearly 7% of their body weight during tests.

Apparently after the weight is lost, the person who took the pill and who now has a balloon in their belly would just need a quick outpatient procedure to remove the balloon.

Obalon hasn't been approved yet by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, but it has been used overseas, especially in Mexico for a couple of years with success.

[via UPI]

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