Dr. Ron Weiss is a primary care and urgent care physician in the state of New Jersey. Weiss helped treat the first COVID-19 patient in New Jersey back in March. He has revealed the health advice he provides to COVID-19 patients. It deals with diet.

Weiss is not only a doctor, but an organic farmer. He teaches patients that a simple diet shift, can change things forever:

This is a teachable moment to change the way we live, especially when it comes to our diet.

The majority of these patients have an underlying chronic illness, as most Americans do, whether it’s being overweight or obese, or having cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, congestive heart failure or asthma. What strikes me is that the patient is generally unaware that their underlying diseases can pose more of a risk for the poor outcome in COVID-19.

Even more so, they’re unaware that if they were just to make simple lifestyle changes, they could rid themselves of these increased risks, so that’s where the teachable moment comes in."

Dr. Weiss in an interview with Today shared this. He tells people that changes in their diet can reverse their illnesses, and he tells patients there are some specific foods that can upgrade their immune system.

The first food I tell them about is garlic, which has a compound called allicin that’s been shown to upgrade our natural killer cells.

Cruciferous greens (my favorites are kale or raw mustard greens) are like no other plant or food in the world. They have special sulfur molecules that bind onto lymphocytes in our gut and activate them to better defend ourselves against attackers.

These are foods I fortify myself with every day.

Harvard Health has helpful tips to investigate on plant based diets.

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(Source via Today.com)

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