I not claiming to be an expert speech writer, but I think I’m above average at public speaking. Afterall, I kind of make a living at doing it.

In my short life I have had numerous occasions where I have needed to deliver a public speech. My high school graduation, two of my friend’s wedding’s, and sometimes before dinner with my family come to mind. I have also helped a few friends write maid of honor and best man speeches. I actually enjoy the writing process.

Today I came across an article about how men are hiring other men to write their wedding speeches. I originally thought that the process only included best man speeches and toasts, but I was wrong.

I am okay with someone seeking help with a best man speech or a toast, but allowing someone else to write wedding vows is crazy! I can respect someone admitting they aren’t amazing at public speaking or struggle at writing, that is a hard thing to admit.

But the wedding vows are supposed to be something very special and unique, especially when you and your significant other decide to share these personal thoughts together.

It is okay to ask someone for help when writing vows, to make sure you are clear and passionate. In my opinion, it is not okay to HIRE someone else to write your words.

But if someone wants to throw me a few bucks to write some words, I am completely on board.


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