It's a bone-chilling tale straight from the heart of Pitcher, New York? Brace yourself for the Pink Hill Legend because it’s a spooky story that'll make your hair stand on end! How is that for a set-up?

It's the 1870s and Zella Droff is a feisty woman, who wants to have some fun. But her husband, Ezra, won't let her live it up. No dancing or socializing for Zella but she's not the kind of woman to be held back so she hatches a plan.

Whenever Ezra went to bed, Zella would sneak off to the Pitcher Hotel on Pink Hill Road for a night of dancing. One night, Ezra caught wind of her escapades and was furious beyond belief, so he grabbed a butcher knife and waited for her return.

When Zella made it back, Ezra unleashed his rage and did something gruesome. It's a chilling crime that changed their lives forever. Zella found her resting place in a nearby burying ground, just up the road from their abandoned house.

Ezra's fate, on the other hand, is a mystery. Some say he vanished into thin air, leaving behind a creepy old house frozen in time. As time went by, the Pitcher Hotel had a visitor. It was a traveling salesman with an appetite for adventure.

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As he was cruising through the hills, he saw a gorgeous lady walking along the road. He was curious so he began to have a conversation with her. It turns out that  she was going to the very same hotel he was staying at. Fate, huh?

He offered her a ride, and they hit it off. The girl danced the night away with the salesman and he even gave her a tortoiseshell comb as a keepsake. Love was in the air! But as the night came to an end, she wanted to go back home alone. Off they went, back to where they first met.

The next day, curiosity got the best of the salesman, so he went past their meeting spot. When he arrived, he found an empty, eerie house with an ancient graveyard nearby. Confused, he hurried back to the hotel where the clerk told the chilling tale of the Droff murder.

Now the salesman was really curious, so he went back to the cemetery on Pink Hill Road. That is where he discovered Zella's tombstone, and it had the very same tortoiseshell comb he had given her. Spooky, right?

We can't verify all these details, but the legend lives on thanks to that creepy historic marker. I know the next time that me and my daughter, Tara, cruise through Pitcher, New York, we are going to stop at  Pink Hill. What about you?  Who knows, you might catch a glimpse of Zella's ghost and feel a chill dancing down your spine. Ha Ha Ha!

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