Some people wonder if it's legal to buy a car in New York on a Sunday because of what are called “Blue Laws” and because a lot of dealerships are closed on Sundays.

Understanding Blue Laws

To understand why some states have banned car sales on Sundays, we need to look into the concept of "blue laws." These laws, with roots dating back over a century, were initially religious in nature and meant to designate Sunday as a day of rest. These laws also extend beyond car sales and impact various activities, including alcohol sales.

The Reasoning

The primary motivation behind these laws, even though they might seem archaic, is to give car salespeople a day off. Selling cars can be a demanding and highly competitive job, and granting salespeople a break on Sundays prevents burnout and reduces turnover rates in dealerships. The term "blue laws" originates from the blue paper or wrapping on which these laws were written or from the archaic association of the color blue with wrongful or sinful behaviors.


Thankfully, in most cases, blue laws mainly affect businesses rather than private sales between individuals. Therefore, one way to bypass these laws is by purchasing a used car directly from an individual rather than a dealership. This option not only helps circumvent any Sunday sales restriction but is also popular due to the convenience and ease of online car shopping.

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New York: No Restrictions on Sundays

Fortunately, if you're considering buying a car in New York, you have the freedom to explore dealerships and make a purchase on any day of the week, including Sundays. Unlike some other states, New York does not impose restrictions or bans on car sales on Sundays, allowing customers the flexibility to shop at their convenience. New York did at one time ban Sunday sales but that ban was lifted in 1994.

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