It has been a crazy year for the weather. Recently, I was in Norwich officiating a basketball game at the Y, and when I left it was raining really hard. As I was driving back to my place, I felt like I could hydroplane off the road at any time. I got to Oxford and it hadn't rained at all.

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I've noticed this more and more in the last couple of years. I'll be at work in downtown Binghamton and it'll be raining as I try and cross the street. By the time I get to Prospect Mountain (formerly Kamikaze Curve), the sun will be shining and blinding me as I try to make it to my destination.

I was telling a friend about my travels and he thought that it might be illegal to drive with my hazard lights on in the rain. He thought that you could only have them on if you were pulled over to the side of the road.

I told him that he's crazy but I suppose anything is possible. It turns out that he is wiser than I was giving him credit for. It turns out that it is illegal in some states and it could cost you more than $100 in some areas.

Is It Illegal To Drive With Your Hazards On In The Rain In NY And Pa

Here's the good news for our area: As of now, in New York and Pennsylvania,  it isn't illegal to use your hazard lights while driving unless otherwise posted. If you plan on traveling for vacation and are curious what the laws may be in the other 48 states, you can see it here.

I've heard that you had to be driving under 30 mph but I can't seem to find that as a law anywhere.

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