We've all heard the saying that 60 is the new 40 or when it comes to inflation that $100 is the new $20...I wish that was a joke but it's not. Here's a new one for New Yorkers: 70 is the new 65...M.P.H.

New York may finally join the other 43 states that have gone to 70 MPH on state highways. The speed limit in the Empire State has been at 65 MPH since 1995 and Senator Tom O'Mara thinks that it's time to change that.

Why New York State Should Change The State Highway Speed Limit To 70 MPH

O'Mara has introduced a bill before the state legislature to increase the speed by 5 MPH on parts of some highways including Interstate 81 for all vehicles. The argument is that automotive technology has improved and there are more safety features than in the past.

Other positive reasons for the bill include better engineered roadways and that more people are used to zipping around and are comfortable driving at higher speeds. As the saying goes, everyone else is doing it, so we should too.

Why New York State Shouldn't Change The State Highway Speed Limit To 70 MPH

Valerie Puma works for AAA and she says that drivers often travel faster than the posted speed limit. If everyone was doing 70 MPH before, it just means that they'll be doing 75 if the speed limit is changed.

I think that is certainly true. When I was in Florida and the highway speed limit was 70, I had to do at least 78 just to keep up with the flow of traffic. I was still getting passed like I was on a Sunday drive with my Grandma Pitcher.

AAA has also released a study that shows that even a 5 mile per hour increase can have devastating effects on the outcome of the crash. As this saying goes, better to arrive alive then not arrive at all.

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Before we begin to worry too much about seeing the 70 MPH signs being put up on I-81, we know that nothing (except legislative pay raises) happen very fast in the state. It'll move like 20 mph in the school zone before it'll be passed and signed by Governor Hochul.

Sammy Hagar was correct when he sang "I Can't Drive 55" but now we may not be able to drive 65 or 70 either. So what do you think? Should New York raise the speed limit to 70 MPH on most state highways?

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