It's been a minute since I've taken a look at how gas prices are faring, so let's take a peek. The gas station I frequent was slow to lower prices versus many others in the Triple Cities but did back down 5 cents to $4.19 a gallon last week.

On April 11th, the AAA Gas Prices website stated that gasoline prices were dropping due to falling oil prices, but on April 18th, it was reported that the slide had slowed due to global oil price increases and the fact that with spring and summer, seasonal gas demands will be up.

In addition, the war in Ukraine is a factor bringing the price of crude oil to over $100 dollars a barrel according to the AAA Gas Prices website. The site listed the April 18th average for a gallon of gas in the United States at $4.08. That's 19 cents less than a month ago.

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Looking at prices locally from AAA Gas Prices, as of April 19th, the average gallon of gas in New York State is $4.19. One month ago, it was $4.38. In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, it's currently at $4.18 a gallon, and one month ago it was $4.38.

Zooming into the Binghamton area, AAA Gas Prices lists the current average for a gallon of gasoline at $4.20, down from $4.35 a month ago, but much higher than last year's $2.85.

It's interesting to note that just two counties to the west, Chemung County, the current average is $4.13. But travel south into Pennsylvania, the average price in Susquehanna County is $4.26 and $4.21 in Bradford County. Those who counties regularly have the highest prices in Pennsylvania according to AAA Gas Prices.

via AAA Gas Prices

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