One of my friends asked a question on Facebook over the weekend that I thought was perfect. She asked, "How many of you didn't get engaged over the holidays?"

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like more people than ever before got engaged over the holidays and if that includes you and you're dreaming of the most perfect fairytale wedding with the most magical wedding speech, then you might be interested in this.

Everyone knows that a good toast or speech can really make an impression at a wedding, but a boring or inappropriate speech is something that the newlyweds (and their guests) dread.

More and more nervous bridal party members are turning to professional ghost writers to ensure that their toast is perfect, and the trend is becoming seriously popular – even with brides and grooms looking for the perfect vows.

But, the peace of mind of having a perfect speech at your wedding won't come cheap. Vows will set you back $300, Best Man and Maid of Honor speeches are $350, and Father of the Bride speeches are an incredible $450!

Would you pay someone to write for you as a way to take off some of the stress, or do you think that no matter the amount of stress, a speech or vow is something that should be written by the person saying the words?

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