Hey man, what are you in for?” “I’m doing time for donut rage.” Can you imagine overhearing that conversation and then finding out that the reason given was for real?

A 35-year-old man from New York named Antonio Rosario was arrested after a heated exchange over pumpkin donuts turned violent.

The situation began when Antonio walked into his local Dunkin and demanded six pumpkin donuts, but things turned sour when he was informed that only five were available for sale. Refusing to accept this, he flew into a rage, with a worker recalling, "He's screaming in our face, telling us, 'You're gonna [effing] make it.'"

Unfortunately for Antonio, he just couldn’t let it go and walk away.

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Antonio did briefly leave the Dunkin but returned flashing a gun, creating a dangerous situation. Fortunately, no injuries occurred, as the authorities intervened and apprehended him. It was discovered that he was in possession of a loaded semiautomatic gun and that’s when things got even worse, leading to serious legal consequences.

This is not the first time Antonio has been in trouble with the law. He has previously served two state prison terms, including a five-year stint for attempted murder and escape in 2009. Additionally, he is currently on parole for a 2014 robbery conviction.

Due to his past criminal record as a convicted felon, Antonio faces potential imprisonment of up to seven years for firearm possession. With prior convictions, including attempted murder, he has entered a guilty plea and awaits sentencing scheduled for July.

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