Binghamton Gets Plate Readers
Binghamton will getted rigged with license plate readers in the upcoming weeks! In the State of the City address Mayor David spoke of his plans to install ten plate readers around Binghamton this year. Enabling Binghamton in identifying cars that have insurance lapse&nb…
Dentures Nab a Car Theif
31 year old Lindsey Stanley-McShane of Lady Lake, Florida stole a Kia on Friday.  Eventually she pulled over and got out, and she started trying to break into people's homes until the cops showed up.
They realized the Kia was stolen and they asked Lindsey if she'd taken it, but she sai…
Prison Break Via Boyfriend In Suitcase
There's this guy named Jose Anzoategui who's currently doing nine years in prison in Venezuela for car theft. His girlfriend Antonieta Saouda went to visit him last week, and she brought a pink suitcase with her.
As she was leaving the prison, the guards noticed she was really struggli…
Stolen Fingerprints From Selfies!
You should probably stop making the peace sign or having your hand facing the camera in any way in your selfies. Apparently it's now possible to have your fingerprints cloned from a picture.
According to the National Institute of Informatics in Japan, hackers actually have the ability to st…
Frog Pond Farms Burglarized
You know. This makes me pretty mad. Here's people who join up to bring us fresh, locally grown produce, baked goods and flowers and they get taken advantage of.
Drunk 14 Year Old Gets DWI With Drunk Dad Riding Shotgun
The police in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania thought it was gonna be your typical DWI as they see a car weaving in and out of lanes haphazardly the night of June 1st 2016.The flip the lights and pull it over to find the driver was 14 years old and drunk. Why was this kid driving drunk? Dad was riding s…

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