It's National Sleep Awareness Week and I'm aware that I could use more sleep since I lost an hour on Sunday when the clock "sprung" ahead. It's kind of weird that it starts on a Tuesday but who am I to judge.

The National Sleep Foundation knows that you are aware of sleep but they want to help you with better ways to sleep. If you are looking for a way to get some ZZZZZZ's, then keep reading this. I'm kidding, so keep going.

Here are helpful hints from the National Sleep Foundation...and what the husbands think of their ideas.

Do something dull before retiring, a little boredom goes a long way toward promoting sleep. If your wife is asleep when you come to bed, she may be telling you something.

Keep the bedroom dark because light interferes with sleep. That would explain why your wife has it so dark in there but not why she calls you "Juan the pool boy."

Keep the bedroom cool and the bed warm. If it's the other way around, tell her. I'm sure she won't mind...yeah right.

Drink milk before bedtime, milk contains substances that relax the body. The problem is that the Oreo cookie crumbs keep waking me up.

Use your bed for only one thing: sleep. Oh sure, she follows that rule.

We hope this helps you to become aware of better ways to sleep. We know one thing, if your wife becomes aware of this story, you'll be sleeping...because she'll knock you out.


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