It doesn't matter where you live now but there's something special about going back to your hometown and that's why I look forward to this event every year. The Firemen Field Days are at my hometown of Warren Center, Pa.

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This year is extra special to me because they are celebrating their 50th anniversary. If you go to "Meet the DJ's" and click on my face, you can see what my life long goal has always been. Here's a hint....It has to do with the Fireman's Field Days.

The Warren Township Firemen Field Days is one of the two places that I got my start as an "announcer" and it's going on this weekend. By the way, the other place was Howdy Jones Ballpark in Little Meadows but that's a story for another day.

I would announce and play music on the midway while the Hee-Haw and Talent show was happening inside the community building. One of my "clever" announcements was, "The country is going on inside but the rock-n-roll is going on outside."

Yes, it was before the days that I saw the light and went to the country side of music. Unfortunately my "clever" announcing has not gotten better.

It kicks off Friday around 6 p.m. with a fireworks show at dark. Saturday includes a parade that starts at 7 p.m. They have food including the best chicken BBQ around, I might be biased but it's true.

The field days have brought me such awesome memories and one of the memories is playing bingo and maybe you're saying really BINGO at the field days.

The reason is Mary Vandervort would call the numbers and whenever she picked the ball N-40, she would say "40" in a falsetto voice and everybody (including me) would repeat it.

I would even say "40" when she wasn't calling the game. We lost her Mary on November 13th, 2017 and we all miss her so much. So here's to you Mary..."40."

The field days are an annual event held on Father's Day weekend to benefit the Warren Township Volunteer Fire Company with the proceeds helping maintain the fire department.

Speaking of Fathers, I'm proud to say that my Dad has been a volunteer for as long as I can remember. Where else can you go and pitch a dime to win a dish or cup? Tara saves her dimes all year for this game and we usually go home with around 20 treasures.

To find out more about the Field Days and the Volunteer Fire Department, go here. Apparently you can go home again and I look forward to seeing the fireworks with Tara on Friday night.

Happy 50th anniversary to the Warren Township Firemen's Field Days.

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