Many events have been canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic including fairs like the Afton, Broome County, and Conklin Fair. So it's great when we can tell you about an event that is still going on.

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It's the Warren Township Firemen's Field Days in my hometown of Warren Center, Pa. It doesn't matter where you live now, there's something special about going back to your hometown.

The field days are an annual event held on Father's Day weekend to benefit the Warren Township Volunteer Fire Company with the proceeds helping maintain the fire department. IT'S THEIR BIGGEST FUNDRAISER OF THE YEAR!

It will be held Friday, June 19th and Saturday, June 20th but with the pandemic, their celebration will be different...But at least it's happening. They will still have their world-famous chicken BBQ (I might be biased but it's true), however, it won't be for sit down eatin.

They will still have their Fireworks on Friday night but NO SATURDAY PARADE this year. They will encourage safe distancing to protect everyone but they still want you to have a fun time.

My daughter, Tara has been saving up her dimes for the Dime Pitch to bring home more treasures. Last year she brought home 25 treasures and I have a feeling that she'll break that record this year.

Apparently you can go home again and I'm looking forward to my annual donation to the fireman while taking home cupcakes, a goldfish and a box (A BIG BOX) of treasures.

The Field Days is one of two places that I got my start as an announcer. The other place was Howdy Jones Ballpark in Little Meadows but that's a story for another day.

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