Its bad enough that I can’t sit still at work. Ask anyone who works at 98.1 The Hawk or Townsquare Media Binghamton. I am constantly walking around, grabbing coffee, or bouncing ideas off someone for a segment.

I’m naturally impatient.

So, the two weeks between the Eagles winning a bid to the Super Bowl to the actual Super Bowl may be the greatest test of my mental well-being has ever seen.

It two weeks of continuous overthinking. Should I buy some more Eagles merchandise, what food should I make, where should I watch the game?

The last question is the biggest one. Should I go home to watch the game and enjoy with family or should I visit my local watering hole and sit in the same seat I usually do?

As you can see, the waiting is the hardest part. I do guarantee I will be here the Monday after the Super Bowl win, lose, or draw.

Hopefully a win!

Better yet move the game to a Saturday, then I won’t have to use any vacation.


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