The Philadelphia Eagles just won the Super Bowl. I can’t believe I can actually say that. If this is a dream, don’t wake me up.

The Birds finally taking home the Lombardi trophy is truly the happiest moment of my life. Some may say it’s just a game, but to me it isn’t.

It’s the culmination of years of disappointment. It ends the cruel jokes Cowboys and Giants fans have been throwing my way for years.

The Eagles becoming World Champs means, literally, the world to millions of people. It means everything to me as well.

It helps me remember the people I have lost. My uncle and my grandfather would have loved to finally see the Eagles pull out a win. It makes me choke up thinking about how they aren’t here to witness it, but makes me happy that they can look down and watch an entire city celebrate together.

When the clock finally struck zero I was full of emotions. I was happy, in awe, in shock, in disbelief. Tears of joy ran down my face as the smell of the cold pizza overtook the room. I had no idea what to do with myself. The rush of all the emotions culminating in a very awkward, crying, cheering Jay.

A win by the Eagles is a win for the underdog. A team that lost all its key players proved that through hard work and unity, anyone can reach the mountaintop. It showed how people from different backgrounds, different cultures, different ideologies can coexist to accomplish one goal. It showed that a brutal sport like football, with its concussions and bone breaking hits, can be fun and glorious.

The Eagles just won the Super Bowl. To me it is everything I ever wanted.

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