Rocky. Rudy. Maybe even you. We have all experienced being the underdog. All odds are against us, the outlook isn’t hopeful, but deep down inside of you, you believe. You believe even though you are the David you can beat the Goliath.

We love the underdog story because we can all relate in some capacity. We all work hard, try and provide for our families, and try and enjoy life as much as we can. We want the best for us and our loved ones, and sometimes it feels like a bigger power is holding us back.

We relate to the story of Rocky because he was a hard-working regular guy, who tried to conquer the world through boxing. He tried to take down the better boxers and better fighters. He didn’t have all the resources the better fighters had, but he had heart.

That is why everyone reading this should be rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles. Now I know they won a lot of games, I know they were the number one team in the league, and I know they set records, but they are still the underdog. They have lost their quarterback and their best players multiple times this season, but keep proving they have heart.

They are taking on the big guy: The New England Patriots!

A team that has won everything and has, arguably, the best quarterback in history.

In conclusion, we need to all root for the Eagles. After all, we love the underdog.

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