New England Patriots

Ranking the New NFL Uniforms For the 2020 Season
This offseason has been featured by the neverending  free angency saga of a little-known NFL prospect named Tom Brady, but followed close behind was the intrigue of numerous uniform redesigns.
Seven franchises decided to change up their look this offseason, and I can't remember the last tim…
Why We Love an Underdog
Rocky. Rudy. Maybe even you. We have all experienced being the underdog. All odds are against us, the outlook isn’t hopeful, but deep down inside of you, you believe. You believe even though you are the David you can beat the Goliath.
Pro Football Pick'em Week 3
Week 3 of Pro Football Pick'em begins at 8:25 tonight. It's free to play and you could be the weekly winner of a $25 or $50 dollar gift card. Why does John look so surprised?