The New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons will face each other in Super Bowl 51 this Sunday and people are doing what they do best- price gouging.

My youngest brothers are both Patriots fans, but they won't be going to the Super Bowl. They'll be watching it for free from the comfort of the couch. However, if they were to attend, this is what they could expect to have to shell out according to WFXT:

$500 for airfare. Because Houston is a big city, their airport is huge and that means the average round trip ticket per person is about $500.

$650 for hotel accommodations. We’re not talking about a five star hotel. We’re talking about a hotel that’s ranked at two stars and about 10 miles from the stadium. They’re charging $325 per night and making it mandatory that you stay for two nights in order to get that special price.

$3,500 for a ticket. This isn’t for a pair. This prize is for a single ticket. Now, if you were wanting to upgrade and get stellar seats, you could expect to shell out about $10,000 for a seat on the 50-year line if you were to buy a ticket through a place like StubHub.

Add those figures up and what do you get? A grand total of $4,650 for one person to attend Super Bowl 51. Take a friend along and you can expect to pay just over $9,000 to attend the biggest football game of the year. Oh, and that doesn't include food and drinks, or transportation from airport to hotel/hotel to stadium.

[via WFXT-TV]

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