I felt like the worst mom in the whole world after my son's first dentist visit. He not only bit the hygienist's finger but he got scared, bit down on the little sucker thing and broke it!

The kind staff at Valley Dental Pediatrics assured me that he wasn't the first kid to do this, and he won't be the last. Their dentists and staff specialize in working with children, so they know they may be scared or shy and don't know what to expect. Their dentists actually receive different training than general dentists.

"After graduation from dental school, they each spent two years in a residency program at children’s hospitals, where they received extensive special training and exposure to pediatric oral health issues, including meeting the needs of persons with special needs," according to the practice website.

Thankfully, my little guy just needed someone to help him feel comfortable with a new process, but my mom's heart appreciates knowing that if there was a bigger problem, the professionals he's already grown to know will be able to help him.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry suggests parents take their children for their first dental appointment at age 1 or at six months after their first tooth emerges. They can ensure that everything is on track with proper brushing and flossing, pacifier use, tooth development, etc.

I know I'm so glad I entrusted Valley Dental Pediatrics with my son's care; now he loves going to the dentist. You've probably seen their office at 139 N. Jensen Road in Vestal; they've got the train. Check them out online today at valleydentalpediatrics.com or call (607) 754-3903 to make an appointment. Your kids will have the best time!