What are the odds on being trapped in an elevator?. Last Spring  I was trapped in an elevator at the Binghamton Club. Check out the actual footage of my rescue..

The most important thing to remember when trapped in an elevator..Don't Panic.

I had heard those words so many times throughout my life but never thought I would actually be in that situation, until this last May when I was finishing up a DJ job at the Binghamton Club on Front Street.

I had just taken one load of equipment down to the lobby in the elevator, and was just finished the final load when I pressed the button for the lobby the elevator went down and then immediately came back up and then back down and up again in a constant cycle.

It finally stopped between the 1st and 2nd floors.

When I realized, I was not getting out, I took a deep breath and rang the emergency bell once.

I heard voices outside the elevator and I knew they were aware of my situation, so I waited to see if they could get the doors open or get the elevator running again.

After several minutes which seemed like an hour in 'Trapped in an Elevator Years' I suggested they call the call the fire department ( I thought of the TV show emergency)

The Binghamton Fire Department arrived a short time later, and after shutting off the power to the elevator they got the doors open and got me out.

Special thanks to Chief Whalen and the Binghamton Fire Department for getting me out.

Check out the actual video footage of my rescue.

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