Today is Teacher Appreciation Day and I think we've always had an appreciation for them. However, with the schools being closed because of the coronavirus pandemic, we have a whole new appreciation for them.

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We'll be happy not being their teacher and we may have also realized that your child wasn't the angel that you thought. I think about the teachers at Northeast Bradford that helped me be the person that I am today.

Mrs. Schoonover let me and a couple of our friends write and perform a play for our 4th-grade class. I remember the premise all these years later, it was along the lines of "Hoot, don't pollute." I also remember that we wore t-shirts and pretended we were ghosts. Don't about a Tony-Award winning moment.

I remember my history teacher, Mrs. Thompson. We had to do a book report on Genghis Khan and I did it in the form of a TV newscast. I couldn't tell you a thing about Mr. Khan but I do remember the commercial I did during the "show." It was a Van Scoy Diamond Mine commercial. I put on a wig and sang their jingle.  "Look at my diamond, it came from Van Scoy, my boyfriend bought it, saved lots of money too. Van Scoys the diamond king, yes, he's the man for you."

I didn't just sing it, I put on a blonde wig and (fake) diamond earrings and performed it. I'm so HAPPY that there wasn't social media and you couldn't record everything on your phone. By the way, I got an "A."

They are just two of the many dedicated and wonderful teachers from my alma mater that I appreciate. Thank you to the teachers of Northeast Bradford, you have made a positive difference in my life.

Since no one in New York is going to the physical school location because of COVID-19.  why not e-mail, zoom or better yet call a teacher and let them know that your thinking about them today. What teacher do you appreciate today?

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