Recently I wrote a story about ways to keep cool when it's really hot outside. One of the suggestions was to eat smaller meals more often instead of fewer big meals. It has to do with the body's metabolism and how it can help to keep your body cool

It's an interesting concept and I'm curious to see if that does help. My fear is that I'll eat more meals but I'll start eating as much as I used to. One way that I've been controlling how much I eat is to use a smaller plate.

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Eating smaller amounts can help to keep the body cool and it can also help us lose weight too. Losing weight is all about the math, you eat fewer calories than you burn. According to Men's Health, the way to eat less food is to eat slower.

By taking your time when you eat, you are savoring the meal and your body recalls how good the food tasted. One of my problems has always been that I eat like I'm on a timer and sometimes I can even feel it in my back when I'm done. So what should I do to slow down? Here are some tips that may help.

Ways To Help You Eat Slower

Relax before you eat. Close your eyes and remember a happy moment or a soothing song.

Pay attention to savoring the first three bites of food. By paying attention to the way it tastes, it tricks your mind into feeling fuller.

Sip water between each bite of food. This will also help keep you hydrated especially when it's hot out.

Put your fork or spoon in your non-dominant hand. This will make you slow down for every bite. This has me intrigued and I think this is the easiest task to remember to do.

So take your time and enjoy your food, that way the sandwich you eat at noon won't have you craving a candy bar at 2 p.m.

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